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Address Easton College, Bawburgh Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 5DU

01603 731200
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Assemblies and talks

We are preparing three ten minute videos covering

  • the Easton College offer to the county
  • the City College Norwich offer
  • the Paston College offer at North Walsham

These videos replicate the content that would normally be delivered “in person” and require the ability to run a video file from laptop. The videos can also be shared with parent/carers or uploaded to your website so that you can send links to parents/carers. We’ll accompany the videos with a leaflet for every student giving links to more information.

Live Question and Answer sessions

We have live Q&A sessions available through video conferencing for groups of students during the school day or with their parents/carers if you are running after school sessions. As well as answering questions, these sessions give participants the chance to get clarity around anything about which they’re uncertain. Questions can be collated and submitted in advance, asked on the day or both.

We can discuss with you any particular focus you might want for a session to meet your students needs.  A session could explore courses leading to careers in particular sectors (for example “working with animals” or “careers in engineering”) or focus on the offer of just one of our colleges (For example exploring EastonColleges offer in more detail).

In some instances these sessions could include “virtual tours” of the specialist facilities associated with the topic of the session. For example the Careers with Animals session could be hosted in the Animal and Equine Centres at Easton College, to both answer questions and show students the facilities (and the animals!).