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On-The-Job Pig Farm Training Scheme

Liz Barker

Frome, BA11 4SA

Job Description

Roadhogs Recruitment has teamed up with a leading pig production company- AFFG, to create an on-the-job training scheme for entry-level pig stockpeople of all ages looking to enter the pig industry.

Roadhogs and AFFG aim to provide on-the-job training for those looking to enter the pig industry.

Over the course of a year, chosen candidates will cover most types of pig production. The aim is for the entry-level pig stockperson to gain valuable pig experience to take forward into careers with future pig farms.

A skills matrix has been developed for each section of the unit. The line manager will sign it off to show skills gained in each section. AFFG will do this in conjunction with Pig Pro, the training and development web-based tool designed by AHDB for the pig industry. It is an easy-to-use and valued method of recording training, with records being kept in one consistent format across the industry.
- Intake of stock.
- Set up accommodation- pens, huts, paddocks.
- Farm isolation procedures.
- Integration/ acclimatisation/ vaccination procedures.
- Basic stock tasks.
- Arrange and carry out weighing and handling pigs.
- Decide if and when to remove pigs from the group.
- Feed according to instructions.
- Maintain necessary records.
- Maintain suitable environment for litter/ sows.
- Make suitable adjustments to the environment.
- Prepare loading area and move pigs safely.
- Prepare pigs for dispatch.
- Weaners/ growers/ finishers.
- Identify normal/ abnormal conditions of the stock.
- Adjust feeding/ treatment according to needs.
- Handle pigs, including weighing if practised.
- Decide if and when to remove pigs from the group.

Alongside the placements, AFFG would provide the following external training:
- Veterinary Medicines.
- Euthanasia Training / sign off.
- Moving and Handling certificate.
- Telehandler (with time clause).

The course would take place over a year, but it does depend on the candidate.

Sussex site offers outdoor breeding, outdoor rearing, straw-based indoor finishing.

Chosen candidates will be offered an agreed rate for the first 40 hours per week and an additional rate for hours over 40 hours per week.

£21,000 - £23,000 (DOE) paid fortnightly plus:
- 28 days holiday (pro-rata).
- Workplace pension after qualifying period.

- The pig sites are based in West Sussex. If you are not local, accommodation can be arranged.

After successfully completing the scheme, if AFFG has suitable positions, employment may be offered. If no appointments are available, Roadhogs Recruitment will work with you to find the next job.

To discuss the training scheme and to find out more, please email: or call: 07912864646.


£21,000 - £23,000 (DOE)


In-person, up to a year contract.



How to apply

Please apply via Roadhogs' website -